We believe in brands!

When consumers see these brand names, they know they are buying quality products, and the brand holders remain committed to ensure that each and every item lives up to their expectations.

The brand holders eye-catching and attractively designed packaging maximize impulse buying at the point of sale.


The YHC Shop is a unique concept in response to the need to market the world’s leading international haberdashery brands under one roof. The YHC Shop brings a fresh new look and state-of-the-art feel to the retail haberdashery arena – creating a true brand experience. A flexible concept. The YHC Shop has a distinctive brand identity, coupled with a consistent design appearance. Market leadership is maintained through a program of imaginative marketing, reliable presentation and a complete range to cater for diverse customer tastes.

The benefit of this compact display system is – more stock per square meter – therefore higher turnover per square meter and in this way rationalising rental.